Commodore Languages List

Compiled by Dan Fandrich

April 5, 2024

This list contains the programming languages available for Commodore 8-bit computers. Explicitly excluded are languages that run on CP/M (such as C128's CP/M mode or on a C64 CP/M cartridge). under OS-9 on the SuperPET, and all cross-development languages for other platforms. Here is some information on CP/M for the C128, CP/M files at and CP/M files at the Cereal Port BBS). Here's another list of a few languages available for OS-9.

The information on this page is believed to be accurate, but by its nature much of it is impossible to verify. Please send any additions or corrections to and I'll give you credit in this list.


A $ preceding the program name means it is commercial; a preceding # means it is shareware; a preceding ? means the status is unknown; no symbol means it can be obtained for free.

Within (parenthesis), a year is either a copyright year or an upper bound on the initial release date (such as the date of a magazine ad). The programmer's name and software company or companies are included if known.

System abbreviations within [brackets] are the following:

Abbreviation Platform Entries Filter List
264 Plus/4, C16 or 116 6 entries
B-Series B128, B256 (aka CBM-II) 7 entries
C128 Commodore 128 37 entries
C64 Commodore 64 202 entries
C65 Commodore 65 1 entry
CLCD Commodore LCD 1 entry
KIM-1 KIM-1 13 entries
PET PET or CBM machine 51 entries
SuperCPU Commodore 64 with SuperCPU 2 entries
SuperPET SuperPET (MMF) 8 entries
VIC VIC-20 30 entries

Programs available on a ROM chip or cartridge are indicated by "ROM" or "cart" following the system type. A program which requires the GEOS graphical environment has "GEOS" following the system type. In many cases, the Commodore 64 version of a program available for another system has "-64" appended to the name.

A URL is included (when known) to help obtain the freely available programs.


The known languages for Commodore 8-bit computers are:



Assembly language

BASIC interpreters & compilers

BASIC extenders















Thank-you to the following people for contributing to this list: Al Anger, Bob Applegate, Steve Akers, Douglas Beattie Jr., Pontus Berg, Cris Berneburg, Chris Brown, Commodore.Software, Craig Bruce, Nate Dannenberg, Alan Dickey, Federico Dorado, Ed, 8-Bit Show And Tell, Jon Farley, David Gahris, Neil Gordon, Dave Hassler, Glenn Holmer, Basil Honikman, Ingolf Ihrig, Christian Janoff, Alan Jones, Jeff Jones, Stephen Judd, Andre Kaesmacher, Jason Kelk, Ken, Cameron Kaiser, Leigh L. Klotz, Jr., Kristian Köhntopp, Yeechang Lee, Dallas E. Legan, Tim Locke, Chris McCormack, Wayne McDougall, Bruce McFarling, Majick, Marcio. Ian Matthews, Giovanni Mercuri, Per Olofsson, Hans Otten, Aaron Peromsik, Patrick Pritchard, Retro Old Guy, Ken Ross, Olaf Seibert, Edward Shockley, Carsten Strotmann, Brett Tabke, June Tate-Gans, Jouko Valta, Dave Van Wagner, Mark Wilkins, Steven Young, Philip Zembrod, MrX_TLO.

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