Tessa's Stories

The Masked Wyte's Tale

Note: This is another Redwall fan fiction, and it's the memoirs of the Mask, as he wrote them the night before the Kotir prison breakout. It is a sort of companion to Eyes of Emerald. This is only the prologue and a short excerpt, because it would be kind of spoiler to give it all away now, but when I get to the part of EoE where it won't spoil anything anymore, I'll add the rest of it in.


In a small room in Kotir a fox sat, writing. He was old and greying, but strong and healthy, covered in patches and spots of colour, mottled with light and dark. It was late at night, yet the fox Captain was in his chamber, writing. He knew right well the danger he was in, and that, in all probability, he would die on the morrow. Yet there he sat, at a small table, writing. And this is what he wrote.

I know I am in danger, and that I may perish in the morning, but I must confess. I am not Patchcoat, the fox, nor Barkleaf, the squirrel, nor any other creature. Nay, I am not even the Mask. I am Riverwyte, the otter, and I write this here, now, that you may know who I really am. I am Riverwyte, and this is my tale.