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Tessa's Shirt (second edition)

Note: OK, here it is: The rewritten version of Tessa's Shirt! Yay! It is much better, isn't it?

Explanation: see Tessa and Gingersnap.

Chapter 1 The Shirt

Once there was a girl whose name was Tessa, Tessa A. Fallindale. Now, this was no ordinary girl—no, Tessa was an adventurer, a tomboy, a fighter—a warrior. Previously, she had fought and captured the Eraldoi, a giant red wolf-dragon, with the help of Gingersnap, a Pegasus, Cannonball, a dragon, the Falcons, an army of talking woodland creatures, the protective Shirt, made from the Eraldoi's fur and a whisker, and Orasil, a sword forged from a fallen star.

But now, she thought she was done. Finished. No more adventures of that sort.

“Oh, and one more thing,” Gingersnap had remarked, before Tessa went back to her house from the Silvis Dimidio Woods. “When you have once put the Shirt on, you can never put another on again. Your other clothes that you have on will dissolve.”

“Oh, no,” Tessa had exclaimed. “What will my mother say?”

As it turned out, it wasn't as bad as she had thought. Her mother didn't force her to wear another shirt, but she did plead and beg her daughter to. “Please, can't you wear another shirt, just once?”

“If I did, the other clothes that I was wearing would dissolve,” answered Tessa.

So her mother didn't try asking again, though she laughed, “The imagination she has! It's almost too much.”

One day, as Tessa was putting on her Shirt, a strong gust of wind suddenly came rushing through her open window, blew through the room, and blasted out the other window, taking her Shirt with it!

Tessa was confused. There weren't many strong winds in Tesslantia, where she lived. She tried putting another shirt on, but as soon as her head popped through, her socks began to...fade. First the colour, until the once-blue socks were pastel, then white, then ... transparent? Yes, her socks were disappearing! Dissolving! Gradually, her pants were beginning to disappear, too. Tessa had the presence of mind to leap up, draw the curtains, and lock the door.

But she couldn't stop her clothes dissolving, so when the last shreds of shirt were gone, she was standing in the middle of her room, completely naked!

And Tessa knew.

The roar of the Eraldoi. They were knocked over like dominoes, like nine-pins. By a blast of wind. So strong that it must have gone around the earth at least once, maybe more. That was it!

This was an emergency, and no mistake. She could maybe put some pants on, but she would never be able to put on a shirt again.

So Tessa had no choice but to dig. She opened a trapdoor in the boards in her room, which exposed the dirt beneath, and she dug.

She dug.

Suddenly, she felt a gap beneath her. It caught her off-balance, and she fell through, landing with a hard thump on a hard stone floor.

“Ouch!” she cried, and it echoed through the large stone cave she was in. 'Ouch-ouch-ouch-ouch-ouch!'

She suddenly saw a tunnel in the rock, and she crouched down and stepped through.

Chapter 2 The Cave

~TBC TheAuthor Queen of Tesslantia