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Tessa's Shirt (first edition)

Note: I wrote this story when I was around six years old, so it isn't very long or well-written. I would still like to display it here, because it was the very fist story that I ever wrote (not including Pond Friend or things like that). I am planning to rewrite it, though, so this is also included here so that you can see what the original version is like.

Explanation: Milleignus comes from Latin and means something like 'thousand fire'.

Tessa trying to reach her Shirt

Chapter 1 The Shirt

Once there was a girl whose name was Tessa. Tessa had lots of shirts, but one shirt was special. It was a protective shirt. Tessa always wore it, no matter what.

“Please,” her mother begged, “Please will you wear a different shirt, just once?”

“If I did, the other clothes that I was wearing would dissolve.” answered Tessa.

One day, while Tessa was putting on her shirt, a gust of wind blew it away. But when Tessa tried to put another shirt on, her clothes dissolved. (Only the clothes that she was wearing.)

So she threw herself on the ground and began to dig. She dug and dug until she reached a cave made of stone. Let us leave her there for the present.

Tessa in the first cave

Chapter 2 The Cave

Inside the cave Tessa found a glowing chamber filled with light. She stood up and walked in. Inside were two tunnels. Suddenly, a green light (green, not white like the light the cave was filled with) flashed in the second tunnel. Tessa walked into the first tunnel. There, there were three tunnels. Then, a green light flashed in the second and third tunnel. Tessa took the first one. There, there were three tunnels again. Then a beautiful red light flashed in the first tunnel, and the other two were green. Tessa took the red tunnel. There, there was just one tunnel, but it flashed green. Then, Tessa saw a brilliant red sign on a door. It read, “Beware, people who come through this door. Either turn back or take a risk. @) % !( !( !” Tessa read the sign, opened the door, and went in. What will happen to her? Find out in the next chapter!

Tessa in the second cave

Chapter 3 The Fall

Behind the door was a chamber. Tessa found a tunnel in the wall. The tunnel lead to another chamber. In the chamber was a dragon! But when he saw Tessa, he bowed and moved away from another tunnel. Tessa nodded her thanks and went into the tunnel. Right next to her was an elevator. But Tessa kept going. Suddenly, the floor sloped down until it was almost vertical! Tessa fell down, down, down until she landed on a blanket. See what happens in the next chapter!

Tessa in the cave behind the door

Chapter 4 The Horse

Tessa got up, dazed from her fall. Just then, she heard a noise. She went toward the sound. Then a white horse wearing a blanket came toward her. It nuzzled her. She petted it. “Gingersnap,” she said. “I need your help. My shirt has blown away.”

The horse whinnied, then beckoned Tessa to come. They walked along a passage with a lot of doors until they got to a small door. They went through. Tessa sat down at a computer and typed in, “Tessa's protective shirt” The screen read, “Milleignus Mountain” Tessa and Gingersnap read the screen and left. They went to a big closed door. Tessa opened it and they walked into a large cavern with a big hole in the top. Tessa took the blanket off Gingersnap. Underneath was a pair of wings! Tessa mounted her and they flew off into the sky until they were out of sight of the cavern. More in the next chapter.

Tessa on Gingersnap

Chapter 5 Milleignus Mountain

Tessa and Gingersnap flew about a thousand miles. Then they saw clouds of fire. They flew until they got to them. What will happen to Tessa? She is wearing no clothes! Find out in the next chapter!

Tessa, Gingersnap, and the clouds of fire

Chapter 6 The Clouds

Gingersnap tried to fly under the clouds, but they moved down. So she wrapped her wings around Tessa and plunged from the sky. What will happen to them? Find out in the next chapter!

Gingersnap plunging from the sky

Chapter 7 Found

Tessa and Gingersnap fell down, down, down, until they were out of the clouds. Then Gingersnap opened her wings and alighted easily upon a rock. Incredibly, Tessa got off her back, dazed, but unhurt. “Come on, Gingersnap.” she said. “Let's find my shirt.” They climbed up the rocky side of the mountain until they reached the top. There they found Tessa's shirt. The fire clouds weren't there as they flew back. They landed in Tessa's garden. Tessa said goodbye to Gingersnap and went to her room, where she immediately fell asleep.

Tessa and Gingersnap climbing up Milleignus Mountain