Tessa's Stories

Tessa and Cora's Adventures

Note: This is a sort of collab between me and my sister. She is kind of young, but she wanted me to "put Tessa and Cora's Adventures on your website!", so I did ;D

Chapter 1 The Trees (Tessa)

Once there were two sisters called Tessa and Cora. They were very happy together.

One day Tessa and Cora were walking in the woods when they saw something strange. The trees didn't have brown bark anymore. And the leaves weren't green. The bark was dark purple and the leaves were pink!

The two girls were confused. They wanted to go back home, but when they tried to go back through the trees, they moved and blocked them! Tessa and Cora had no choice but to go on.

Suddenly, Tessa saw a blue glow from between the trees. “Come on, Cora!”, she said. “Let's go see what it is!”

The two girls walked on until they went between two trees and saw a glowing blue spiral suspended between two blue trees. It was slowly turning, and looked like a portal.

“Well, shall we go in?”, asked Cora as Tessa turned around.

“I guess we'll have to” said Tessa, gesturing at the trees behind them, which were slowly turning into a misty blue wall.

And so, hand in hand, the two sisters walked through the portal and vanished.

A curious squirrel, who had been watching them, clambered down his tree and scampered through the centre of the spiral.

And all that moved was a wisp of blue smoke.

Chapter 2 The Blue Cuckoo (Cora)

Tessa and Cora seemed like they were dead. But they were just lying down in a field of flowers. When they woke up they said, “Where are we?”

And then a voice whispered, “You are in the Whispering Garden of the Whispering Flowers.”

And then a blue cuckoo was sitting on a branch. It said, “The place has lots of whispering things.”

The cuckoo said, ”Hop on my back.”

And Cora said, “There isn't room for both of us.”

The cuckoo grew until it got so big.

Tessa and Cora said, “Wow...” They hopped on the cuckoo's back until they got to a little hill. And there was a cave on the hill.

“There is a dragon in that cave”, said the cuckoo. “You must go in and speak to the dragon.”

Chapter 3 The Dragon (Tessa)