fv - archive and package directory lister


       fv  [  -v  ]  [ -?  ] [ -h ] [ -l ] [ -t type ] archive1 [
       archive2 ...  ]


       fv is a wrapper around the file  list  functions  of  most
       common  kinds of archivers and packagers available on *NIX
       systems. It provides a  fast,  easy  way  to  look  inside
       archives  without  having  to  remember the arcane options
       required by many archiving programs.

       The archive type is determined from  the  filename  suffix
       (unless  the  -t  option  is  given),  which selects which
       archiver program to run.   The  archiver's  `list  archive
       contents'  arguments are given to display a directory con­
       taining the most generally useful  information  about  the
       files  within  the archive. The archive must be in a file;
       it cannot be given on standard input.

       If the program which is needed to handle an  archive  type
       is not available on the system, the error message "command
       not found" is displayed as it is encountered.   The  error
       message  "Not  a  known  archive  format" is displayed for
       unknown suffixes.

       Several archive types do not have common file suffixes, so
       arbitrary but unique suffixes are used.  A few file exten­
       sions are ambiguous and could refer to more than one type.
       The  -t option can be used in such cases to force decoding
       as an alternate  type.   To  find  the  complete  list  of
       archive  types and suffixes supported, execute fv with the
       -l option.   This  version  supports  the  following  file

       .7z  .a  .ace  .alz  .arc .arj .bun .bxy .bz2 .cab .cbmarc
       .ccs .cf .cgz .chm .chrt .cpio .cpio.bz2 .cpio.gz  .cpio.Z
       .cpio.z  .d64 .dar .deb .depot.gz .docx .epk .flw .fpm .gz
       .ha .hp .hqx .ipg .ipk .iso .jar  .jffs2  .kfo  .kgb  .kil
       .kmz  .kpr  .ksp .kwd .lbr .lbr .lha .lnx .lpkg .lzh .lzma
       .lzo .mac .mar .n64 .nif .nth .odt .par  .par2  .pbi  .pet
       .pk3 .pkg .pq6 .pup .qpk .qpr .rar .rpm .rpp .rsn .rub .rz
       .sa .sda .sdk .sfx .sh .sh2  .shar  .shk  .sis  .sit  .slp
       .spark  .spm  .sqsh  .sxd  .sxi  .sxw  .t64  .tar .tar.bz2
       .tar.gz .tar.lzma .tar.Z .tar.z .tardist .taz  .tbz  .tbz2
       .tc .tgz .tlz .uu .uua .uue .wad .wal .wsz .x64 .xpi .Z .z
       .zip .zoo .zz .[psrud]00 winmail.dat

       Not all files supported are strictly archive  types;  sev­
       eral  structured  documents  formats  are  also supported.
       Most of these are build on existing  archive  formats  and

       It  is  trivial to add more file types to fv.  Please con­
       tact the author if you know of one not included.

       These are the file types supported:

              7zip archive

              ACE archive

              ALZ archive

              Apple II archive

              ar archive

              Archimedes Spark archive (RiscOS)

              ARJ archive

              BUN archive

              bzip2-compressed cpio archive

              bzip2-compressed file

              bzip2-compressed tar archive

              Commodore 64 archive

              Compound File Compiler archive

              compressed cpio archive

              Conary Change Set

              CP/M LBR archive

              cpio archive

              Debian distribution archive

              Disk Archiver archive

              Doom WAD archive

              eCos package

              Frugalware package

              Google Earth

              gzip-compressed file

              ha archive

              HP-UX package

              HP48   distribution   archive    as    posted    to

              iPod Game

              ISO9660 filesystem image file

              Itsy Package

              Java jar file

              JFFS2 filesystem image file

              KChart Chart

              KFormula Document

              KGB archive

              Kivio Document

              Kontour Illustration

              KPresenter Document

              KSpread Spreadsheet

              KWord Document

              LHARC archive

              Lua Package

              LZMA compressed file

              LZMA compressed tar archive

              LZOP compressed file

              Macintosh BinHex encoding

              Macintosh MacBinary encoding

              Macintosh StuffIt archive

              Meta Archive

              Microsoft Cabinet archive

              Microsoft Office Open XML

              Microsoft TNEF e-mail attachment

              Mozilla Java Cross Platform Installer

              Netscape package

              Nokia mobile phone theme


              OpenOffice Drawing

              OpenOffice Impress Presentation

              OpenOffice Writer Document

              PAQ6 compressed archive

              Parity Archive ver. 2

              PC-BSD package

              Perl package

              Puppy Linux Extra Treats package

              Puppy Linux package

              QNX package

              QNX package archive

              Quake3 packed file

              RAR compressed archive

              Red Hat RPM package

              Red Hat RPP package

              Rubix package

              rzip archive

              SEA ARC archive

              shell archive

              SNES sound archive

              Squashfs filesystem image

              Stampede Linux package

              SymbianOS SIS installable package

              SysV package (SCO UNIX, IRIX)

              tar archive

              tardist IRIX package

              tc-compressed file

              Tukaani Linux package

              uuencoded file

              Winamp compressed skin file

              ZIP archive

              ZOO archive

              ZZIP archive


       -? -h  Show  the fv help information (this also appears if
              fv is run with no arguments).

       -l     Display a list of the file extensions supported.

       -t type
              Use type as the archive type (extension) instead of
              determining it from the file name.

       -v     Set  verbose  mode.  Display  the  type  of archive
              before the listing.  If -l is also given, display a
              description  of each archive type supported instead
              of the file extensions.   If  two  -v  options  are
              given,  the  archive  command is displayed as it is


       fv returns the the exit code of the archive  listing  pro­
       gram,  which  may  be  zero  even in case of error in some
       cases.  If the archive type is unsupported  it  returns  1
       and if no arguments are given it returns 3.


       fv's  command-line  option processing is very limited; the
       order which options appear is  significant  and  only  one
       option may follow each -.


       Daniel Fandrich <>

       See <URL:>.

       The  name  fv was inspired by Vernon D. Buerg's program fv
       for displaying directories of MS-DOS archives.

       fv is similar in concept to  als(1),  part  of  the  atool
       package (see <URL:>).


       fv  is  placed  into the public domain by Daniel Fandrich.
       It is provided "as is", without  any  express  or  implied

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